Thursday, August 05, 2010

Speak Italian Magically!

Parla l'italiano magicamente!
Speak Italian Magically!
Relax! You can learn Italian now!

What is it? It is the title of my new course (ebook + audio files) for absolute beginners who want to start and learn Italian in a relaxed way. Is that even possible?

I am sure about it. As all the best language scientists of our times are.

Who am I talking about? Have you ever heard of Georgi Lozanov?

In the seventies he invented a method to learn languages the fastest way. Since then, many other followed him, creating what nowadays is called "accelerated learning". More in the chapther called "the science behind Speak Italian Magically"

What am I talking about?
Here I am introducing you to the course.

Now, you want to have a look at the ebook, or even listen to the first audio, don't you?

I will be happy to send the introduction and the first episode to anyone writing to the following email address.

I don't have an autoresponder, so be patient;-)!